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China 1 ton 2 ton 3 ton 5 ton manual hand operated HS HSZ type small chain pulley block alternator pulley

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Showroom Location: None
Issue: New
Use: Mining Hoist
Power Source: Hand Chain
Sling Kind: Chain, Chain
Warranty: 1 Calendar year
Equipment Test Report: Supplied
Online video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Advertising Kind: Regular Item
Warranty of main elements: 1 12 months
Core Components: Bearing, Gear
Fat (KG): 10 kg
Load potential: 1 ton
Normal Lifting Top: 3m
Chain: CZPT chain 6mm
type: Spherical
Packaging Information: Wooden Circumstance or Carton box for 5 ton chain block
Port: ZheJiang , HangZhou, Higher High quality XD Freewheel 12 Speed 10-51T Mountain Bike Flywheel CZPT Colourful MTB Bicycle Cassette ZheJiang , HangZhou, HangZhou, HangZhou

1 ton 2 ton 3 ton 5 ton hand chain blockHSZ Chain pulley block is a variety of broadly utilised and portable handbook working hoisting machine, large good quality chain pulley block

DesignHSZ 1/twoHSZ 1HSZ 2HSZ 3HSZ fiveHSZ 10HSZ 20
Capatity (Ton).fiveone2threefive1020
Lift peak (M)two.52.5two.fivethreethreethreethree
Take a look at Load (Ton).751.53four.five7.fivetwelve.five25
Hmin (mm)270270444486616seven-hundredone thousand
Chainpull to full load (N)225309314343383392392
No. of load chain11twotwotwo4eight
Dia of load chain6sixsixeightten10ten
Web bodyweight(kg)9.fiveten142436sixty eight155
Gross weight(kg)1213seventeen284583193
Added excess weight (kg/m)one.sevenone.seventwo.five3.seven5.39.719.four
Primary Attributesone) Same and durable
2) Effectiveness
3) Hand-drawn light-weight, CZPT RH-4261 specialist air compressor 220V cordless Minimal Sounds Mini Electronic Air Compressor Screw Air Vehicle Compressor Equipment easy
4) Put on resistant
5) secure framework
Rated loadone TON
Test loadone.5 TON
Lift peakthree/6/9/12M
No. of load chain1
Dia of load chainsix
Rated loadtwo TON
Test loadthree TON
Lift top3/6/9/12M
No. of load chaintwo
Dia of load chain6
Rated load3 TON
Test load4.5 TON
Lift heightthree/6/9/12M
No. of load chaintwo
Dia of load chaineight
Rated loadten TON
Test load12.5 TON
Lift heightthree/6/9/12M
No. of load chain4
Dia of load chainten
Comprehensive Images High good quality steel casingThickened steel scenario to efficiently safeguard the internal frame from effect
Cross chain wheelTwo piece Cross chain wheels
The chain is not simple to roll and the operation is smoother.
Bearing team positionAll inner gears and ring gears are manufactured of good steel and processed by warmth therapy. The sounds is low during operation and the operation is secure.
CZPT chain80-grade countrywide normal manganese metal chain which is large energy, big pulling force, not straightforward to deform
Certifications Our Services Pre-Income Services* Expert Q & A
* Rigid production
* Take a look at load just before leaving the factory
Following-Product sales Services* Quickly following product sales provider
* Engineers offered to support equipment overseas.
Packing & Delivery
Measurementin accordance to the hoist
WeightNo more than 500kg
Packaging Detailsone hoist in 1 carton box.The measurement is according to the hoistWe can do the package deal as costomer’ DSD Motor 12V 24V DC Worm Equipment Motor With 58mm Gearbox High Power 10nm Torque DC Motor s inquiry.
DimensionAccording to the hoist
Bodyweightno a lot more than 1 Ton
Packaging Informationone particular hoist in 1 carton box.The dimensions is according to the hoistWe can do the deal as costomer’s inquiry.
Software Guidelines for use Make contact with information


What is a pulley?

Pulleys are shafts or wheels on a shaft that support the movement and change of direction of a taut cable. The pulley also transfers power from the shaft to the cable. A simple pulley is used to raise the school flag. Read on to learn about the basic types of pulleys. We also covered the use of pulleys in everyday life. Read on to learn more about this important mechanical part.

composite pulley

A composite pulley is a mechanical system where two or more pulleys and ropes are connected together. It reduces the force required to lift the load because the force is divided by the distance of each pulley. Distance is equal to the mass of the object. Composite pulleys are a common mechanical system on sailboats. Composite pulleys can be used to lift heavy equipment such as sails.
The compound pulley unit consists of two pulleys, one fixed and the other movable. The fixed pulley is fixed overhead, while the movable pulley is connected to the load by a chain. The lift applies force to the other end of the rope. Anchor points are attached to fixed joists, ceiling joists or sturdy branches. The chain should be long enough to support the load during lifting.
Composite pulleys can be made from a variety of materials. Some are fixed and remain fixed. Others are detachable. The composite pulley combines the advantages of both types, making it a versatile tool. In the table below, these three types of pulleys are compared. It’s easy to see which one is best for your needs. The right choice depends on your specific needs and budget.
The compound pulley system consists of two fixed pulleys and one movable pulley. The compound pulley system multiplies the force by a factor of 2. The compound pulley system is particularly suitable for heavy loads and is ideal for construction sites. Workers apply less than half the load force on the composite pulley, significantly reducing the force required. This is a major benefit for many people.

Fixed pulley

Fixed pulleys are fixed gears of fixed length that are mounted on solid objects. There are many different types of pulley systems. Some cooperate with each other, but not “fixed”.
Fixed pulleys can be used for a variety of purposes. One application is to lift small objects. They have a one-to-one mechanical advantage. Often, a single pulley can lift small loads. The force required to lift a single fixed pulley remains the same. They are usually used to lift lighter objects. They can even be attached to buckets used to draw water from wells.
While single fixed pulleys have desirable mechanical advantages, they are not suitable for force multipliers. Because their mechanical advantage diminishes over time, they are not effective force multipliers. They are used to redirect work so that it can be applied in the most convenient direction. This mechanical advantage is the main advantage of fixed pulleys and the most common way of moving objects. They have several benefits, including the ability to increase the speed of moving objects.
Another application for fixed pulleys is lifting supplies. A scaffold can weigh more than one and can be directly hoisted. In order to facilitate the transportation of materials, fixed pulleys are usually installed on the top of the scaffolding on construction sites. Then thread the rope through the edge of the groove that holds the pulley. The fixed pulley exerts the same force on the pull side as on the push side. The same is true for moving objects with fixed pulleys.

moving pulley

A movable pulley is a device whose part is fixed to another object, usually a rod or beam. The movable part moves with the load, making the load feel lighter. This is a useful tool for those who need to carry heavy items such as large bags. The advantages of moving pulleys are many. Here are some of them. Read on to learn more about them.
One of the most common uses of movable pulley systems is climbing high objects. Climbers act as pulley loads and pull ropes to lift objects. Eventually, when the traction stops, the climber descends. However, it is still a useful tool in other situations. The movable pulley system can help you climb the tallest objects or lift them to level surfaces.
Another example of movable pulleys is in industry. Depending on the load, movable pulleys make handling and moving loads easier. You can use them in a variety of applications in manufacturing and industry, including cleaning. For example, the American flag is raised and lowered every day. Removable pulleys are a handy tool when buildings need cleaning.
If you’re not sure whether a task requires a pulley, a zipline might be a good option. Connect the two ends of the rope and the pulley will move along the rope, then attach the rope to the metal cable. The load is the person holding the pulley, and the force comes from the attachment on the other end of the rope. There are two types of live pulleys: simple pulleys with just one wheel and live pulleys with many ropes attached.

School flag raised with simple pulleys

How is the school flag raised? It is pulled up by a rope attached to a pulley at the top of the pole. When the rope is pulled, the pulley turns, raising the flag. A pulley is a simple mechanism that helps people move heavier objects with ease. The rope must be securely attached to the pulley to keep the flag stable.
A simple pulley is a spinning wheel with grooves on one side and ropes on the other. The rope can be any length and the wheels can be any size. The rope has to go through the groove and the load is attached to the other end of the rope. Simple pulleys are pulleys with fixed shafts. An example is the wheel on a school flagpole.
A simple pulley system consists of a primary pole, a secondary pole and an outer member. The primary flagpole is connected to the track by a detour, while the secondary flagpole is connected to the track by a pipe. There is a groove on one side of the track, which passes through the inner cavity of the flagpole. An open track at the upper end of the track connects the two parts of the pulley.
A simple pulley can be used for many purposes. This is a useful machine that can be used to raise the flag. Among other things, it can be used in clothing lines, bird feeders, and even roofers. And, of course, you can use the pulley to raise the flag. Its versatility makes it an essential part of school decor.

cast iron pulley

If you are looking for pulleys for your machine, you may come across cast iron pulleys. They are usually cheap and available in a variety of sizes. The rim is held in place by a mesh attached to a central boss. The arms and spokes can be straight or curved, but most are oval. There are many uses for this type of pulley.
You might wonder why the arms of cast iron pulleys are so curved. Bent arms tend to yield rather than break. Cast iron pulleys are usually round with a slight bump on the rim, which helps keep the belt centered on the rim as it moves. On a 300mm diameter pulley, the bumps may be as small as 9mm.

China 1 ton 2 ton 3 ton 5 ton manual hand operated HS HSZ type small chain pulley block     alternator pulley	China 1 ton 2 ton 3 ton 5 ton manual hand operated HS HSZ type small chain pulley block     alternator pulley
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China 0.5ton -30ton hand hoist Manufacturer directly sell Hand Pulley Chain Block 2 ton Chain Hoist Block 2000kg double pulley

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How to use the pulley system

Using a pulley system is a great way to move things around your home, but how do you use a pulley system? Let’s look at the basic equations that describe a pulley system, the types of pulleys, and some safety considerations when using pulleys. Here are some examples. Don’t worry, you’ll find all the information you need in one place!

Basic equations of pulley systems

The pulley system consists of pulleys and chords. When the weight of the load is pulled through the rope, it slides through the groove and ends up on the other side. When the weight moves, the applied force must travel nx distance. The distance is in meters. If there are four pulleys, the distance the rope will travel will be 2×24. If there are n pulleys, the distance traveled by the weight will be 2n – 1.
The mechanical advantage of the pulley system increases with distance. The greater the distance over which the force is applied, the greater the leverage of the system. For example, if a set of pulleys is used to lift the load, one should be attached to the load and the other to the stand. The load itself does not move. Therefore, the distance between the blocks must be shortened, and the length of the line circulating between the pulleys must be shortened.
Another way to think about the acceleration of a pulley system is to think of ropes and ropes as massless and frictionless. Assuming the rope and pulley are massless, they should have the same magnitude and direction of motion. However, in this case the quality of the string is a variable that is not overdone. Therefore, the tension vector on the block is labeled with the same variable name as the pulley.
The calculation of the pulley system is relatively simple. Five mechanical advantages of the pulley system can be found. This is because the number of ropes supporting the load is equal to the force exerted on the ropes. When the ropes all move in the same direction, they have two mechanical advantages. Alternatively, you can use a combination of movable and fixed pulleys to reduce the force.
When calculating forces in a pulley system, you can use Newton’s laws of motion. Newton’s second law deals with acceleration and force. The fourth law tells us that tension and gravity are in equilibrium. This is useful if you need to lift heavy objects. The laws of motion help with calculations and can help you better understand pulley systems.

Types of pulleys

Different types of pulleys are commonly used for various purposes, including lifting. Some pulleys are flexible, which means they can move freely around a central axis and can change the direction of force. Some are fixed, such as hinges, and are usually used for heavier loads. Others are movable, such as coiled ropes. Whatever the purpose, pulleys are very useful in raising and lowering objects.
Pulleys are common in many different applications, from elevators and cargo lift systems to lights and curtains. They are also used in sewing machine motors and sliding doors. Garage and patio doors are often equipped with pulleys. Rock climbers use a pulley system to climb rocks safely. These pulley systems have different types of pinions that allow them to balance weight and force direction.
The most common type of pulley is the pulley pulley system. The pulley system utilizes mechanical advantages to lift weight. Archimedes is thought to have discovered the pulley around 250 BC. in ancient Sicily. Mesopotamians also used pulleys, they used ropes to lift water and windmills. Pulley systems can even be found at Stonehenge.
Another type of pulley is called a compound pulley. It consists of a set of parallel pulleys that increase the force required to move large objects. This type is most commonly used in rock climbing and sailing, while composite pulleys can also be found in theater curtains. If you’re wondering the difference between these two types of pulleys, here’s a quick overview:

Mechanical Advantages of Pulley Systems

Pulley systems offer significant mechanical advantages. The ability of the system to reduce the effort required to lift weights increases with the number of rope loops. This advantage is proportional to the number of loops in the system. If the rope had only one loop, then a single weight would require the same amount of force to pull. But by adding extra cycles, the force required will be reduced.
The pulley system has the advantage of changing the direction of the force. This makes it easier to move heavy objects. They come in both fixed and mobile. Pulleys are used in many engineering applications because they can be combined with other mechanisms. If you want to know what a pulley can do, read on! Here are some examples. Therefore, you will understand how they are used in engineering.
Single-acting pulleys do not change direction, but compound pulleys do. Their mechanical advantage is six. The compound pulley system consists of a movable pulley and a fixed pulley. The mechanical advantage of the pulley system increases as the number of movable wheels decreases. So if you have two wheels, you need twice as much force to lift the same weight because you need a movable pulley.
The mechanical advantage of a pulley system can be maximized by adding more pulleys or rope lengths. For example, if you have a single pulley system, the mechanical advantage is one of the smallest. By using two or three pulleys, up to five times the mechanical advantage can be achieved. You can also gain up to ten times the mechanical advantage by using multiple pulley systems.
The use of a single movable pulley system also adds to the mechanical advantage of the pulley system. In this case, you don’t have to change the direction of the force to lift the weight. In contrast, a movable pulley system requires you to move the rope farther to generate the same force. Using a compound pulley system allows you to lift heavy loads with ease.

Safety Issues When Using Pulley Systems

Pulleys have an incredibly unique structure, consisting of a disc with a groove in the middle and a shaft running through it. A rope or cord is attached to one end of a pulley that turns when force is applied. The other end of the rope is attached to the load. This mechanical advantage means that it is much easier to pull an object using the pulley system than to lift the same object by hand.
Although pulley systems are a common part of many manufacturing processes, some employers do not train their workers to use them properly or install protection to prevent injury. It is important to wear proper PPE and follow standard laboratory safety practices during pulley system activities. Make sure any support structures are strong enough to handle the weight and weight of the rope or rope. If you do fall, be sure to contact your employer immediately.

China 0.5ton -30ton hand hoist Manufacturer directly sell Hand Pulley Chain Block 2 ton Chain Hoist Block 2000kg     double pulley	China 0.5ton -30ton hand hoist Manufacturer directly sell Hand Pulley Chain Block 2 ton Chain Hoist Block 2000kg     double pulley
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in Beira Mozambique sales price shop near me near me shop factory supplier Small Size Hand Chain Hoist Manual Lifting Pulley Chain Block manufacturer best Cost Custom Cheap wholesaler

  in Beira Mozambique  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Small Size Hand Chain Hoist Manual Lifting Pulley Chain Block manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

Due to our broad item variety and prosperous experiences in this business, With EPG brand name registered in more than 70 nations like The us , Europe , Japan and so on, it has associates between entire world top enterprises, this kind of as JOHNDEERE, NEW HOLLAND, CLAAS, HONDA, KUBOTA, YANMAR, and so forth. The team has taken element in the making and revising of ISO/TC100 intercontinental chain common numerous several years in success and hosted the sixteenth ISO/TC100 Global annual assembly in 2004. little dimension hand EPT hoist Manual lifting pulley EPTT block


Model HSC series
Capacity(ton) .twenty five .5 1 1.5 two three five 7.five 10
StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd lifting peak(m) 2.five 2.five two.5 2.5 two.5 three 3 three three
Running Take a look at Load(ton) .3125 .625 one.25 1.875 two.5 3.75 6.25 9.375 12.5
EPTroom H(mm) 280 345 376 442 470 548 688 765 765
Energy to needed to lift max. load(N) 226 235 245 255 324 363 353 373 380
Load EPTT Dia. (mm) Columns 1 one one 1 1 one two 3 4
Dia Pitch four instances 12 five times 15 six instances eighteen seven moments 21 8 instances 24 ten moments 28 9 occasions 27 9 occasions 27 9 occasions 27
Dimension(mm) A 121 148 172 196 210 255 280 433 463
B 114 132 151 173 one hundred seventy five 205 189 189 189
C 24 25 30 33 35 forty forty two fifty six fifty six
D 31 31.five 37.five 42.five forty five 50 fifty three eighty five 85
Net Fat(kg) six.5 9.three 12.2 16.5 19.five 32 forty one.one sixty one.six seventy five.7
EPTT Measurements(l times w times h)(mm) 23 occasions sixteen moments fifteen 30 occasions 17 times 18 32 occasions 18 occasions 19 37 times twenty moments 24 37 occasions twenty instances 24 forty three occasions 40 moments thirty forty seven occasions forty four times 35.5 sixty two times 47 occasions 39.five 53 times fifty one moments forty six.five
Extra WeigEPTT for every meter of additional lift(kg) .eighty one 1 one.29 1.61 1.ninety two 2.sixty eight 4.one 5.86 seven.seventy three

Particulars of Item:


-EPTTed with thick steel EPT case.

-EPTT pawl makes certain higher security.

-EPT and fleXiHu (West EPT) Dis.ble hooks for effortless work.

-G80 higher top quality load EPT.

Manufacturing unit amp EPTT amp Shipping and delivery:


EPTen instances or cartons

Shipping and delivery

Usually seven-20 daEPTTdepends on amount


By sea

Our Services and Guarantee:

As a expert producer, we supply stick to solutions:

1. Decrease price for sample, Aggressive charges for distributors

two. One yr warranty and existence time servicing

3. In time shipping and delivery.

four. EPT EPTT assurance.

About Us:

BeiEPTTg Falcon Intercontinental EPT Industry EPTTry EPTT, Ltd was started in nineteen nineties in HangEPT town, ZheJiang province. We are direct manufacturing facility EPTTized in hoisting EPTTry such as handbook and electrical tackles, EPT blocks, fasteners, Webbing EPTTs, pulleEPTTand so on.

Our business has estabEPTTd a sturdy good quality assurance technique that has passed the ISO9001 top quality system certification, CE certificate and GS certification.

We are below to fulfill your valued specifications of EPT EPT and Hand Equipment and Items of every description and specifications at realistic price.

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  in Beira Mozambique  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Small Size Hand Chain Hoist Manual Lifting Pulley Chain Block manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Beira Mozambique  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Small Size Hand Chain Hoist Manual Lifting Pulley Chain Block manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler